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1970 Kansas Barbed Wire Swap & Sell

Who could forget the good old days at the fairgrounds? Hot afternoons were followed by drenching rains. Local farmers brought tractors to pull cars and pickups out of the mud. An 18 inch section of Dodge Star barbed wire sold for a record $180 - over $1,000 in today's dollars. Splicing, trading, bidding, tailgating, and just plain having a good time was the overall theme. Yes, those were the days.

1970 Barbed Wire Show

Charles Kuralt goes "On the Road" at the museum in downtown LaCrosse. Ivan Krug & Ray Weiser work the "Powder Puff" splicing competition for Alberta Stites.
Swap & Sell participants fill the fairgrounds on a sunny afternoon. Displays of all kinds fill the Exhibit Building at the fairgrounds.
Auctioneer Russ Lohrey (left) and Don Stites sell the wire that sets the trend prices. Tailgate sellers sold and traded from pickup beds and car trunks.


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