2016 “Rush County Needs” Survey of Current Residents*


In 2016, all postal boxholders of Rush County were sent an eight page survey. The intention was to gather information from residents and businesses alike to ascertain where communities see themselves and what direction Rush County Economic Development should potentially follow. 419 surveys were completed and returned by Rush County citizens representing 11 communities in the county.


To view printable copies (PDF) of the survey:

Original Survey Form Summary of Results Responses to Questions


*Note: Residents in exteme eastern areas of the county have a post office route based in Albert, Barton County, Kansas. However, only Rush County residents on the Albert route were offered the survey.




2012 Survey of Residents & Former Residents of Rush County


In May and June of 2012, a survey was sent out to all subscribers of the Rush County News. The purpose was two-fold. First, to gauge interest in former residents returning to live and/or work in Rush County, and second, to assess the strengths and weaknesses of our county and elicit comments from the public on ways that we can improve the economic and social environments of the county.

View printable copies of the survey (PDF Version):

Summary of the Results Individual Comments from Respondants*


*Note: Survey responses are reproduced as written and have not been edited except for spelling and punctuation.


The response to the survey was less than expected, primarily due to the fact that many existing residents believed that the survey was targeted to non-residents or individuals considering relocating to the county.