The 1874 Proclamations

  • 1874 County Resolution


    December 1, 1874

    County Resolution

    Rush Center

    Dec. 1st 1874

    To His Excellency T. A. Osborn, Topeka, Kansas

    At a meeting of the Citizen of Rush County held in Rush Center Dec. 1st, 1874, to consider the Organization of Said County the following Resolutions were unanimously adopted:

    Whereas, A Report duly made out setting forth the fact that Rush County has a population of over 600 [Six Hundred] inhabitants having been forwarded under all the formalities of the Law to the Governor; and

    Whereas, The requisite population being ceded by all our Citizens’, and no objection that we are aware existing against organization at the present time; and all believing that the highest interests of the County, the welfare of each and every Citizen would be furthered by Immediate Organization, therefor

    Resolved, That in view if our Citizens, and the necessity of our County devising means for their relief independent of any assistance that may be otherwise extended, Organization at once and immediate would be the highest good that could be secured.

    Resolved, That a copy of these proceedings be forwarded to His Excellency, begging his Earliest attention to the Report and prayer for Organization.

    Wm P. Tomlinson Secy
    F R Smith Chairman

  • 1874 Proclamation


    December 5, 1874


    Whereas a memorial signed by forty householders residents of Rush County Kanas and legal electors of the state, whose signatures have been duly attested by the affidavits of three householders thereof showing that said County had six hundred inhabitants and praying for mthe organization of the same, said affiiants setting forth that they had reason to and did believe said memoria and

    Whereas it appears from actual enumeration by census returns duly made and certified according to law by an officer regularly commissioned and qualified that there are six hundred bona fide inhabitants in said County of Rush.

    Now therefore Know Ye that I Thomas A Osborn Governor of the State of Kansas, by authority vested in me, have appointed and Commissioned Frederick R. Smith, John Shaftsbury and P. C. Dixon County Commissioners and Frank Garner County Clerk for said County of Rush, and I do hereby declare Rush Center the temporary County seat for said County.

    In testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and caused to be affixed the Great seal of the State. Done at the City of Topeka this fifth

    Day of December A. D. 1874
    Thomas A. Osborn
    By the Governor
    W. H. Smallwood
    Secretary of State