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The Rush County Historical Society invites you and your students to visit the county historical museums. Free guided tours conducted by our knowledgeable volunteer staff will provide your students with an indepth 30 minute tour of selected museums at the museum complex.

These tours can be easily included in your current lesson plans.

You can use a tour of the Post Rock Museum to . . .

You can use a tour of the Nekoma Bank Museum to . . .

You can use a tour of the Kansas Barbed Wire Museum to . . .

You can use a tour of the Rush County Historical Museum to . . .

Through participating in these tours your students will have an opportunity to see and investigate real fossils; gain an appreciation for times past, explore financial and banking activities, specific aspects of farming, development of land use, and evolution of tools. View tools used by pioneering doctors, gain an understanding of the development of this area of the country, and review or apply some of the knowledge you have taught them in the classroom.

2015 Educational Tour Schedule and Information

Dates for special guided educational tours: To be announced.

Length of tours: approximately 30 minutes per highlighted museum.

Highlighted museums: 2015 - Historical Museum, Barbed Wire Museum

How to reserve a tour time: Contact our Education Director Patricia at

Who can schedule an educational tour: Any school or educational group is invited to schedule a tour. We welcome and encourage any grade level to participate.

What the tours will consist of

Other Things that may interest you

Other Group Tours

The Rush County Historical Society invites you and your group to schedule to tour one or all of our museums. Please call 785-222-2719 to make tour arrangements.

For more information contact:

The Rush County Historical Society, Inc. - P.O. Box 326 - LaCrosse, Kansas 67548

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