2019-2020 Rush County Economic Development Committee


Our Mission:

 “The purpose of our committee is to work to bring people in the county together as a community, increase the quality of life in order to attract new residents, stimulate business growth and development, and make greater opportunity for youth.”


Appointed Members:

Kara Jecha, Timken - President
John Seymour, McCracken - Vice-President
Bradley Penka, La Crosse - RCED Administrator
Brian Baalmann, La Crosse - Board of Directors, RCID
Nicole Rainey, La Crosse - Board of Directors, RCID
Debbie Likens, La Crosse - Board of Directors, RCID
Dustin Day, La Crosse - Board of Directors, RCID
Jared Petersilie, La Crosse - Walnut Creek Extension
(vacant) - Otis/Bison area

Rush County Commissioners:

Ken Urban, Otis - Commissioner
Les Rogers, McCracken - Commissioner
Richard Luft, La Crosse - Commissioner


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Rush County Industrial Development, Inc.


RCID logoRush County Industrial Development, Inc. (RCID) is a stockholder-owned, not-for-profit Kansas corporation established in 1969 and reorganized in 1989. RCID acts as a community foundation and receives no public funds or direct tax support. Its official Statement of Purpose is “To promote the development of Rush County and to offer benefits to the patrons of Rush County.”

Members of the board of directors of Rush County Industrial Development also serve on the board for Rush County Economic Development (RCED).