“Rush County Strategic Plan 2018”


Visions and Values

Why do we need a Strategic Plan?

Our county, like any other successful business needs a set of goals and a written plan of action to achieve these goals. Strategic planning provides an opportunity for our county and civic leaders to identify areas of need, to suggest possible courses of action, and allocate resources.

The Strategic Plan is divided into several action areas that each identify specific goals derived from an analysis of needs and observations, strategies to achieve these goals, and an estimated timeline for completion.

Once completed, the strategic planing document serves as a roadmap that individual action groups may follow as they begin the process of “Strategic Doing” which puts the plans into action. In addition, a strategic plan helps our county and entities within our county to identify and pursue the various state programs and grants available to help reach our goals and grow our county.




Previous Strategic Plan

2008 Rush County Strategic Plan



The 2018 Rush County Strategic Plan Template

Our first step was a Strategic Planning Session where areas of need were determined. Our next step is to assign task forces to address each of these needs, outline individual objectives within each area, and develop a plan of action and timeline to address the objectives.

§1. Economic Development - Enhance Economic Development in the county:

★Additional funding for Economic Development

★Educational effort for general public

★Existing ED Efforts

★Assistance available

Committee: ED Director, (need additional)

§2. Entrepreneurial Community - Foster and develop the entrepreneurial community:

★Foster and develop entrepreneurial community

★Support youth and adults

Committee: Kara Jecha...(need additional)

§3. Tourism Development - Further tourism development in the following areas:



Committee: Brad Penka, Kevin Zydhek, Nathan Carrier (need additional)

§4. Leadership - Develop leadership program:

★Professional development programs for future leaders and volunteers

Committee: (vacant)

§5. Beautification - Improve appearance of communities and other areas of the county:

★Main Street appearance

★Code enforcement

Committee: (Vacant)


If you would like to be a part of the planning process, contact the office of Rush County Economic Development. Information is on our homepage.