The Princess Theatre

Princess 1915 On December 10, 1914, the La Crosse Chieftain announced the opening of a second movie house in La Crosse. The Richards brothers opened the theatre on December 9, 1914 in an existing hall in the 600 block of Peace Street. The Chieftain reported that “It was their first night, no admission was charged, and the hall was well filled. They had some good pictures.”

According to the January 21, 1915 La Crosse Republican, “The New Princess is one of the popular places in LaCrosse. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night excellent motion pictures are shown at this theatre. Richards Bros. use the Mutual Films which are high class and the best to be seen anywhere. The pictures are exceedingly plain and always interesting. This theatre will begin shortly that great serial picture ‘The Master Key.’ This serial is full of thrills from start to finish and has been having a big run in the cities.” “The Master Key” is a 15 episode silent movie serial based on a 1914 novel of the same name by John Fleming Wilson.

During its short-lived tenure, the Princess faced stiff competition as the Opera House continued to offer weekly live performances to sell-out crowds along with a variety of motion picture showings. The Princess operated for only a few months.

Image Credits: Above - La Crosse Republican, January 21, 1915
                    Top Right: 1915 La Crosse High School Annual